Vigil in Memory of Loretta Saunders and to remember all Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 15:00

Vigil in Memory of Loretta Saunders and all Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Where: Waterloo Town Square
When: Thursday March 27th 2014, 7:30pm

Loretta Saunders was an Inuit scholar from Newfoundland and Labrador who was studying to become a lawyer in Halifax. She was studying a very important topic which concerns all of us Indigenous women, and that is around safety and Sisters in Spirit. Loretta’s passing signifies the importance to act, and “speak even if your voice shakes.”

Line 9 Approved Despite Imminent Threats

Line 9 Approved Despite Imminent Threats
Following the NEB’s rubber-stamping of Line 9, grassroots groups pledge to step up resistance

KITCHENER-WATERLOO--The NEB announced its approval of Enbridge’s Line 9 project yesterday, but this has not deterred those in opposition, including the Waterloo Region Coalition Against Line 9. Today, the Coalition will be speaking in response to the NEB’s approval and conditions, and will be delivering the report “Line 9: Not Worth the Risk” to local MP Peter Braid and MPP Catherine Fife.
“Given the NEB’s track record of approving over 99% of tar sands projects, this decision comes as no surprise,” stated Coalition spokesperson Rachel Avery. “But this makes it no less appalling that the NEB is disregarding treaty responsibilities, grave environmental concerns and economic risk. Their decision is an attack on the communities and ecosystems along and downstream of Line 9, the tar sands, and the Bakken shale fields.”

As the report being delivered today highlights, there is a 90% chance of failure of Line 9 in the near term. A rupture could result in up to $10 billion in clean-up costs, far exceeding the insurance held by Enbridge.

The NEB approval comes after a massive campaign of resistance along the entire route of the pipeline from Sarnia to Montreal. In its decision, the NEB acknowledged the concerns highlighted by intervenors, and outlined a number of conditions for Enbridge to follow. However, these conditions largely just reinforce existing standards, and provide for Enbridge’s non-compliance. They do not address the failure of Enbridge and the federal government to engage in consultation with Indigenous nations nor do they identify the treaty violations inherent to the project. Additionally, the requests made by the Ontario Ministry of Energy and numerous other intervenors are not incorporated into these conditions.

Even though the NEB decision has been made, grassroots groups along Line 9 are continuing to resist the implementation of Enbridge’s project. As Avery comments, “Dilbit is not yet flowing through the line, so we will continue to challenge Enbridge’s project and work to defend the watershed and uphold our treaty obligations.”
Among these efforts, Rising Tide-Toronto is calling for people to sign a Line 9 Pledge of Resistance, which asks people to pledge to engage in civil disobedience to protect communities, land, and water from tar sands and fracked oil in the pipeline.

The campaign can be found at

Mi'kmaq Warrior Speaking Tour, Kitchener Stop (KW/Guelph)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 13:30 to 16:00

Mi'kmaq Warrior Speaking Tour, Kitchener Stop (KW/Guelph)

Grand River Indigenous Solidarity: February Newsletter

In this newsletter:

Upcoming Actions and Events:
1) Mi'kmaq Warrior Speaking Tour, Kitchener Stop (KW/Guelph)
2) Free Film Series at Wilfrid Laurier continues.
3) KW Poetry Slam hosts Awasis + Open Mic
4) Celebrating Kanonhstaton: 8th Year Anniversary of the Six Nations
Reclamation (Potluck Gathering)

News and Updates:
1) Line 9 Evidence Report Press Conference - “Not Worth The Risk”
2) Critical coverage of Line 9 in the Mainstream Media
3) Bill C10 The So-Called “Contraband Tobacco Act”
4) First Nations Education Act - Blue Dot Campaign

Callouts and Requests:
1) Support the Reclaim Turtle Island Indigenous Resistance Media Project
2) Oshkimaadziig ACTION camp met their funding goal!

Music, Audio, and Video
1) Gaslands by Jay-Manefest
2) I Lost My Darlin (They Gone Taken Him To Jail) by Janice Lee and the Free
3) First Nations Education Act (FENA) Discussion on Indigenous Waves Radio

*PRESS RELEASE* Line 9: Not Worth the Risk! Report Launch

Line 9: Not Worth the Risk! Report Launch
New report reveals litany of threats posed by Enbridge’s aging pipeline.
Friday February 21st, 1:00pm - Region of Waterloo building, 150 Frederick St., Kitchener
Media Contact: Rachel Avery - 519-729-7243

As the Line 9 tarsands pipeline reversal decision looms, intervenors in the National Energy Board process have prepared a comprehensive report detailing the many treaty violations, significant social and economic risks, as well as environmental hazards related to Enbridge’s proposal.

Report contributor Sakura Saunders of Rising Tide Toronto remarks, “As intervenors, we were shocked by the information we learned during the NEB hearings. We compiled this report to alert the public that even according to Enbridge's own data, this pipeline is in no condition to transport such dangerous materials as tar sands bitumen and fracked oil.”

Today at 1pm, Grand River Indigenous Solidarity, along with Saunders and members of the Waterloo Region Coalition Against Line 9, will be discussing this report in a press conference in front of the Region of Waterloo building at 150 Frederick St. in Kitchener.

Concerns highlighted by the report include hundreds of “features” (defects) along the pipeline, a 90% likelihood of failure of the pipe in the near term, and the up to $10 billion clean up costs when the pipe does rupture. Rachel Avery of Grand River Indigenous Solidarity comments, “The report confirms the worst fears of people living along Line 9, and highlights that in addition to grave environmental concerns, in refusing to undertake consultation Enbridge and the NEB have breached Canada’s treaty responsibilities and violated the treaty rights of all Indigenous communities along the line.”

This past fall, the Region of Waterloo released a statement listing their concerns regarding the Line 9 reversal project, following pressure from the Waterloo Region Coalition Against Line 9.
Despite these concerns, little public attention has been paid in the region to this issue.

Mark Ciesluk, president of CKMS-FM radio - a member group of the Coalition - said, “With the failure of the NEB process to adequately consult the public, it is imperative that local media truthfully inform residents about Enbridge’s plan and the grave risks it poses to our region. Using this report, CKMS will be able to further engage in reporting on this critical local issue.”

Ian Stumpf of Poverty Makes Us Sick, also part of the Coalition, states, “This important report demonstrates that Line 9 poses a threat to our collective access to safe living conditions and, equally, to healthy local food,” further noting, “There is no proof of any significant job creation through this project, whereas evidence suggests that it may require major subsidies by Ontario taxpayers at a time when vital social programs are being gutted.”

In the ever-shrinking window of time before the NEB releases its decision on Enbridge’s project, this report provides accessible information for the public and regional governments to understand the issues surrounding the dangerous line 9 project, and to put pressure on the NEB to reject this irresponsible proposal.

The report will soon be available at and
------ 30 ------

January Newsletter - Grand River Indigenous Solidarity



Public Notice - Climate Change Containment Unit declares Enbridge Pipeline Exercise Irresponsibly Inadequate.

On September 25, 2013 Enbridge Pipelines Inc. and local municipalities staged an emergency response exercise involving a simulated oil spill of Enbridge's Line 9 into the Grand River (Six Nations territory). The Climate Change Containment Unit (CCCU), whose rapid responders were present on scene to monitor the situation, has conducted a review of the exercise and is providing notice of its findings.

Enbridge's exercise simulated the death of the Grand River, forecasting Line 9's impending failure, and their response was fundamentally inadequate to address the impacts of a real spill. The CCCU finds that Enbridge's exercise amounted to a media stunt without grounding in environmental protection. The CCCU's experts were on river, and observed a high rate of flow above seasonal norms that would have carried a bitumen spill far further downstream than Enbridge accounted for. Their six hours on site were insufficient to contain the scenario's overnight rupture of Line 9.

Kitchener protest in solidarity with Immigration detainees on strike

For Tuesday, October 8, 2013
WHAT: Rally at Correctional Services in Support of Migrant Detainees
WHERE: 73 King St. W., Kitchener
WHEN: 12:30pm, Tuesday, October 8
Kitchener protest in solidarity with Immigration detainees on strike
KITCHENER—Local residents will be holding a rally outside the Correctional Services Office in downtown Kitchener in support of the nearly 200 immigration detainees who have been on strike at the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, ON since September 18. The strikers are responding to the worsening conditions of their imprisonment faced since being transferred to the Linsday jail from Toronto-area facilities, and are demanding an end to maximum security detention and an end to indefinite detention.

Ontarians speak out in support of immigrant detainees on strike

Ontario – On October 8th, communities across Ontario are speaking out against prison conditions and indefinite detention in support of nearly 200 immigration detainees who have been on strike in a maximum-security prison in Lindsay, ON since September 17th. Actions are happening across the province (details below).

Local coalition rallies to demand Grand River Conservation Authority Board take action against Enbridge Line 9 tar sands pipeline project

Friday, September 27, 2013 - 04:30

Press Release - September 27, 2013 Contact: Adam Lewis - Phone: 226-476-1038

WHAT: Rally and delegation to GRCA opposing Enbridge's Line 9 reversal
WHEN: Friday, September 27, 8:30 a.m
WHERE: Grand River Conservation Authority Head Office, 400 Clyde Rd., Cambridge

Cambridge, ON (Sept. 27, 2013) -- This morning, the Waterloo Region Coalition Against Line 9 is rallying at the GRCA head office during the Board of Directors meeting, joined by community members from throughout the Grand River watershed. The Coalition will present their declaration against Enbridge’s plans to pump tar sands bitumen through the Waterloo Region and Grand River watershed via the Line 9 pipeline. The declaration is now signed by over 25 local community, environmental, and public interest organizations, small businesses, and over 550 individuals, but is not yet supported by the GRCA.

“Transporting diluted bitumen through the Region threatens our drinking water and ecosystems,” says Coalition spokesperson Adam Lewis. “The GRCA is responsible for protecting our watershed, and must step up to the plate to fulfill its mandate and keep tar sands bitumen out of our region. We can’t afford a disaster like the spill in Michigan in 2010.”

The 2010 rupture of Enbridge pipeline Line 6B spilled more than 3 million litres of diluted tar sands bitumen into the Kalamazoo river and is the largest inland oil spill in American history, with cleanup costs of over $1 billion USD. Lewis continues, “Enbridge is still cleaning up this mess that made many people sick and killed many animals and plants. Line 9’s design is just as old and flawed as Line 6B. The question isn’t whether or not Line 9 will spill, but when.”

Press Release: Climate Change Containment Unit Responds to Mock Enbridge Oil Spill

Press Release September 25, 2013
Media Contact: Sally Jefferson | 226-476-1038 |

CAMBRIDGE —The Climate Change Containment Unit (CCCU) is on scene at the Grand River in North Dumfries today as Enbridge's Line 9 is being subject to an emergency response exercise in anticipation of the 38-year-old pipeline's eventual failure. CCCU spokesperson Sally Jefferson says, “The CCCU is bringing its years of experience with destructive tar sands operations to help mitigate the damage of the pipeline rupture forecast by today's exercise.”

The National Energy Board will decide later this fall on Enbridge's proposal to transport tar sands bitumen and volatile fracked oil from the Bakken fields through Line 9, which has already spilled 12 times in its operational history. “When Enbridge spills, rivers are killed,” says Jefferson, “and today Enbridge is simulating the death of the Grand River.”

She explains, “Line 9 crosses the Grand and Nith Rivers, and a spill—like the one simulated today on the territory of the Six Nations of the Grand River—would compromise the health and safety of the entire watershed and all living beings who depend on it.”

Press Release: Stop Line 9! Local coalition takes message to Regional Council, urges action against Enbridge Line 9 tar sands pipeline project

Press Release - September 18, 2013 Contact: Kalin Stacey - Phone: 226-476-1038

WHAT: Rally and delegation to Regional Council opposing Enbridge's Line 9 reversal
WHEN: Wednesday, September 18, 6:00 p.m.
WHERE: Waterloo Regional Council Building, 150 Frederick St., Kitchener

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON (Sept. 18, 2013) -- This evening, the Waterloo Region Coalition Against Line 9 is hosting a rally and inviting other community members to join them at Regional Council as they present their declaration against Enbridge’s plans to pump tar sands bitumen through the Waterloo Region, via the Line 9 pipeline. The declaration is now signed by over 20 local community, environmental, and public interest organizations, as well as small businesses, and over 450 individuals. The Coalition is working together to protect the Grand River watershed and to challenge the expansion of Canada’s tar sands industry.

Line 9 is a 38-year-old pipeline that runs through dozens of communities, including Waterloo Region and 17 First Nations, on Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee territory (Ontario and Quebec).

"Line 9 simply wasn’t built to safely transport diluted bitumen,” says Kalin Stacey, spokesperson for the Coalition. “The Region should take all possible steps to protect this watershed, and to take a leadership role in honouring our treaty responsibilities as residents on the Haldimand Tract.” Under existing treaties, the Crown is required to consult with and seek free, prior, and informed consent from impacted Indigenous communities. Stacey adds, “Waterloo Region occupies part of the Haldimand Tract, making it responsible to the Six Nations of the Grand River whose territory this is. Locally, we have a duty to uphold the Haldimand, Fort Albany, and Two Row treaties in addition to federal and international laws and norms.”

In October, the National Energy Board (NEB) will be holding hearings about the controversial pipeline proposal. Members of the Coalition will be intervening at these hearings to outline their opposition. The 2010 rupture of an Enbridge pipeline in Michigan, similar in age and design to Line 9, caused the largest inland oil spill in American history, contaminating the Kalamazoo River with diluted bitumen from the tar sands. Enbridge is still struggling to clean up this disaster three years and a billion dollars later. Line 9 is also slated to transport fracked oil, the same volatile product that destroyed the picturesque town of Lac Megantic earlier this summer. Concerns cited by the Coalition include Enbridge's abysmal safety record - with over 800 spills in the past decade and widespread failure to comply with safety requirements - and the particularly severe environmental risk posed by diluted bitumen in comparison to regular crude oil.

In addition to the rally tonight, the Coalition has been undertaking an extensive outreach and education campaign. On September 27, the Coalition, joined by other communities in the watershed, will be bringing their messages to the Grand River Conservation Authority as well.

Other communities along the pipeline route have voiced opposition to Enbridge’s proposal, including in Aamjiwnaang/Sarnia, Six Nations, Hamilton, Guelph, Toronto, Kingston, Kahnawake, and Montreal. These communities will converge in Toronto to demonstrate their resistance to the Line 9 reversal on October 19th, the last day of the NEB hearings.

| | @noLine9wr | |

Rebel Time Radio - Sept 11 2013: @NoLine9WR

This week we feature songs and sounds of resistance from across Turtle Island and beyond, and make noise in studio with two guests - local organizers Rachel and Kalin from Waterloo Region Against Line 9, who highlight the importance of tar sands and Line 9 resistance in broader environmentalist and anti-colonial struggles.

For full details and playlist, click "Read more"

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Kitchener Event: Court Support and Raise the Rates Rally!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 08:00 to 12:00

From the PMUS (Poverty Makes Us Sick) Blog: "Restore the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit, Protect the Freedom to Protest!"

Click further for full details or visit the PMUS blog.

Tuesday September 17, 2013, Speakers Corner (Kitchener DT) - 12:00 Noon.

@kwpmus, #savecsumb, #raisetherates


The latest Rebel Time Radio podcast is now available, here is what you can look for: "An informative show, filled with the usual musical interventions! Today's podcast features two special guests, Caroline from the Toronto I.W.W. and Nick, drummer of UK ska punks SPANNER! Situation Critical!"

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Local Coalition Declares Opposition to Line 9

GRIS Newsletter: No Line 9 Update

Line 9 campaign, and to ask for your support. First, here’s some basic background about the Enbridge Line 9 project that we are opposing (for more check out ).

Line 9 Info

Line 9 is a 38-year-old pipeline that crosses the Waterloo Region. Enbridge Inc. has applied to pump tar sands through the pipeline, which would threaten life around and downstream from the pipeline route. To bring tar sands from Alberta, Enbridge will also have to reverse the flow through the pipeline. If Enbridge has their way, Line 9 would carry a form of tar sands known as diluted bitumen (or “dilbit”). The pipeline was not built to transport this corrosive and toxic compound, which is a major threat to communities and ecosystems.  Importantly, the reversal of the pipeline violates current treaties with Indigenous communities, both within the Haldimand Tract (Six Nations' territory) and elsewhere along the route.

In October, the National Energy Board will be reviewing Enbridge’s application to pump tar sands through Line 9 and to reverse the flow through the pipeline. GRIS has Intervenor Status and will be presenting at the NEB hearings.

In September, Line 9 will also be on the agenda at sessions for the Region of Waterloo and the Grand River Conservation Authority, with the goal of getting both bodies to declare opposition to the Line 9 project.

See the campaign web site for further information about Line 9:  

The Daily GRRR! is on break until September

After a successful first phase of the project, collective members are recharging for a few weeks as we gear up for round #2 of the Daily GRRR! starting in September!

The Daily GRRR! –Aug 1st, 2013 –“Community and Resilience Edition”

listen to the Daily GRRR!: 

The Daily GRRR!
HEADLINES for Aug 1st, 2013
1. "We Want Our Meds!" Ontario Hep C Action Coalition demands treatment access
2. What Does A New Study Say About Millions Of Canadians And Food?
3. Dr Robinhood Has No Regrets about Helping Welfare Patients get Extra Funding
4. Justice for Sammy Yatim
5. Student forgotten for days in cell to get $4M from U.S.
6. Greece to end free police protection for rich
7. Activist journalists arrested at home in London, ON

Midway Music: The Revolutionaries - "Death Sentence"

Feature: Our feature today is an update on Bradley Manning’s case a 20 year old who took on the United States of America and blow the whistle on actions he believed the public needed to know about. Manning is now 25 years old and has been found not guilty of aiding the enemy.

Real News Network Link:

Article: " Bradley Manning found not guilty of aiding the enemy in WikiLeaks case" by " Michelle Shephard National Security Reporter" from "The Star"

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The Daily GRRR! - July 31st, 2013 - “(Im)Migrant and Labour Justice Edition”

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The Daily GRRR!
HEADLINES for Jul 31st, 2013
1. Human Rights Tribunal fines farm $23,500 for calling migrant workers ‘monkeys’
2. Video: Lac-Mégantic disaster was dark harvest of corporate greed and deregulation
3. Video of Moosonee police assault causes outrage
4. Ontario only province where police force must pay suspended cops
5. Why is Dainell Simmons dead?
6. Poverty shortening Canadians' lives
7. Alberta oilsands spill: 6,000 barrels of bitumen recovered
8. To avoid ‘foregone revenue,’ largest tar sands producer announces fewer safety checks
9. Weyburn shows support for laundry workers facing job loss
10. Tell fast food chains: Let the workers strike for their rights!
11. Walmart found guilty of dumping hazardous waste nationwide
12. After a Pause, Walmart Strikes Back
13. New Documentary: TWICE REMOVED: Double Punishment and Racial Profiling in Canada

Midway Music: A0S3 - "Tottenham 3"

Article: "How Harper set the developed world on a course to austerity" by "Linda McQuaid" from ""

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