The Daily GRRR! - Nov. 11 2014 - Special Edition: Remembrance Day Anti-War Music Hour

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Special Edition: Remembrance Day Anti-War Music Hour

Today has become a celebration of military force and propaganda for racist, imperial wars waged by western countries who are willing to commit atrocities for more political power or natural resources that are not theirs to take. This show will instead honour of those who are against the war, particularly after having served in one (or more) themselves, and all those who return alive only to be denied the support they need by the very government who sent them to kill people in other parts of the world. One tragic aspect of this is the ever-growing suicide rate of returning veterans. Today's anti-war music hour will begin with a song by one such veteran who worked tirelessly, through his music and his activism, against the Iraq war once he returned to the United States.

To quote Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!, “Jacob George [was] an Afghanistan War veteran and peace activist who took his own life on September 17 [2014]. He was 32 years old. George co-founded the Afghan Veterans Against the War Committee, part of Iraq Veterans Against the War. George was also a musician who biked around the country playing music for peace, a campaign he called "A Ride Till the End." In 2012, at the NATO summit in Chicago, he was among the veterans who hurled their military medals toward the summit gates in an act of protest against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. George spoke openly about his struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder and with getting Veterans Affairs counselors to understand what he saw as a "moral injury" from his time in Afghanistan. In a storybook that accompanied his musical album "Soldier’s Heart," George wrote: ‘A wise medicine woman from Arkansas once told me that grief is pain trying to leave the body. If you don’t allow yourself to grieve, it gets stuck. But once you grieve, the body can heal itself. I won’t lie, some of this stuff is heavy. But telling my story is a part of my healing process. And it’s not just veterans who need to heal: all of us need to heal from war and the roster of ailments produced by a nation at war.’ ”

Vet. Jacob George - "Soldier's Heart"
Tom Waits - "Day After Tomorrow"
Dead Kennedys - "Kinky Sex (Makes The World Go 'Round)"
Kate Bush - "Breathing"
Flobots (ft. Tim McIlrath) - "White Flag Warrior"
Chumbawamba - "Jacob's Ladder"
Anti-Flag - "911 For Peace"
Tori Amos - "Dark Side Of The Sun"
The Coup (ft. Tom Morello) - "Captain Sterling's Little Problem"
Bad Religion - "Let Them Eat War"
The Cranberries - "Zombie"
Public Enemy - "Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos"
Rise Against - "Hero Of War"


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