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We are broadcasting from the centre of the Haldimand Tract, the occupied Grand River Territory of the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations).

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The clip that kicked off the show is from Mumia Abu-Jamal with his piece entitled Texas Anti-Death Penalty Movement. Check for more of Mumia’s podcasts.

Today’s feature is an interview from Aaron Lakoff of CKUT’s off the hour with the author of the the article i read last week as our feature, Ottawa based social justice activist Matthew Behrens. Their discussion goes into civil liberties, security, and stereotypes following last week’s shootings on parliament hill in Ottawa.

Now we will start with today’s headlines:

The Daily GRRR!
HEADLINES for October 31st, 2014
1. Prominent Muslim Cleric Resigns Over Harper’s Prison Policies
2. American Prison System Undergoing UN Human Rights Review
3. CSIS Likely Breaching New Migrants’ Privacy
4. CSIS Boosting Bill Bellowed In The House
5. Female Mountie Cleared of Misconduct Charge After Sex With Non-Misconducted Male Boss
6. FBI Raids Home of Second Suspected “Snowden” Leaker
7. Mexican Cops Responsible for the death of 3 Students Visiting Their Dad
8. Big Week For the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Campaign Against Israel
9. Direct Action Works! Oil Industry’s Bottom Line Impacted by Resistance
10. Womyn In Spain On Strike
11. More Soldiers Have Killed Themselves At Home Then Died In Afghanistan

1. Prominent Muslim Cleric Resigns Over Harper’s Prison Policies
Imam Yasin Dwyer, the only full-time muslim cleric in the federal prison system, and a prominent figure in developing programs aimed at so-called “terrorist” inmates at the Millhaven institute in Ontario has resigned his post following the Harper government’s privatization of clerical services in federal prisons.

In an Ottawa Citizen Article the Imam is quoted: “There have been a slew of changes that have had a major effect on the quality of chaplaincy care and the quality of pastoring… Not only with Muslim offenders but also non-Muslim offenders.”

While Christian programs are entrenched in the prison system, in 2012, Vic Toews, then minister of public safety announced the government was handing a 2 million dollar contract to a private contract chaplaincy and cutting 50 “mostly non-Christian” chaplains currently providing services to the the federal jails.

Imam Dwyer continued: “The tough-on-crime agenda, while important from a rhetorical point of view, needs to be balanced… Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime. There needs to be an integrated approach to promoting public safety.”

2. American Prison System Undergoing UN Human Rights Review
As the united states undergoes a review at the UN of its human right violations, the National Jericho Movement to free all Political Prisoners, and the Malcolm X Centre for Self Determination have prepared a presentation to the Convention Against Torture, taking place in Geneva, Switzerland on November 12th and 13th. .

In a press release, Jihad Abdulmumit, chair of the Jericho movement said: “From the torture of solitary confinement to denial of medical attention, and blanket denial of parole; our political prisoners are suffering.”

The organisations will work to to make sure “the inhumane treatment of imprisoned Black, Latino, and Native American human rights defenders from the 1960s; political activists, including today’s environmental activists; and other political prisoners” is a part of the the global human rights agenda.

Mr. Abdulmumit concluded, “Africana communities across the United States protest the killing of our unarmed youth, and the attempted murders of our people through mass and political imprisonment, medical neglect, parole denial, and solitary confinement.”

For more on the Jericho Movement check out

3. CSIS Likely Breaching New Migrants’ Privacy
A new piece from journalist Tim Groves up the notes the review body for the canadian security intelligencty service, or CSIS, has raised “serious concerns” about how the agency uses private infomation obtained though their invasive security screening process.

“Our review identified a serious concern that changes CSIS has undertaken with respect to the internal use of information collected for security screening purposes could be in contravention of the Privacy Act,” wrote the Security Intelligence Review Committee in their annual report.

Noting that “the security screenings are also used as means of gathering intelligence from people who fear being deported if they do not cooperate”, Migrant Justice organiser S.K. Hussan said “It is unclear where this information ends up,” said Hussan, who worries that the information could be passed along to foreign governments or used for “nefarious” purposes at home.

Screening interviews can span several days, require special signed waivers and as Hussan notes: “They get all this information they wouldn't be able to otherwise access, personal information, family history , political activity, sexual history ... people get asked everything.”

In the mediacoop article, Groves write “The Security Intelligence Review Committee found that the information obtained through these screening should in theory be subject to a greater degree of protection under the Privacy Act.”

4.CSIS Boosting Bill Bellowed In The House
Without making changes to the bill delayed due to the shootings in Ottawa last week, the conservative government has put forward legislation that would increase the powers of CSIS to spy on their suspects, and to remain unaccountably through anonymity.

Bill C-44, introduced Monday by public safety minister Steven Blaney, will give CSIS more aggressive powers to operate “within or outside canada”; expand data sharing with other white supremacist “5 Eyes” countries; make confidential sources completely anonymous, even to a judge; and make it illegal to out a CSIS employee who may at any time become a covert agent.

Bill C-44 is the start of a cascade of so-called anti-terrorism legislation that is likely to be rammed through canadian parliament in the next several months as the Harper government foreign policy continues with overseas wars.

5. Female Mountie Cleared of Misconduct Charge After Sex With Non-Misconducted Male Boss
Perhaps trying to reduce reinforcing the sexist Culture within the RCMP, canada’s cops have cleared a female cop of misconduct charges after initially docking her 7 days pay and having 3 male adjudicators recommend her dismissal.

Constable Susan Castaldo claims the sex and sexting relationship she was in with her boss, sergeant Travis Pearson was coerced, while the boss man claims it was consensual. Pearson was ordered to undergo counselling and docked 10 days pay for his actions.

This is yet another example of horrific sexism in the RCMP, behaviour which is mirrored in their day to day activities and throughout their violent colonial history.

6. FBI Raids Home of Second Suspected “Snowden” Leaker
The Daily Dot has reported that the FBI raided the home of a “so-called ‘second Snowden’, a person with high access in the intelligence community who's been feeding classified information to journalists.”

The still unidentified whistleblower’s “blockbuster leak is a classified 166-page document, given to the Intercept, that details how the U.S. puts people on suspected terrorist watchlists. In August, the Intercept published a major report on the document, which revealed that about 280,000 of the roughly 1.5 million people under intense government scrutiny had no affiliation to any known terrorist groups.”

Jeremy Scahill, an Intercept reporter speaking on democracy now! last week said: “It is abundantly clear that that is—it is religious and ethnic profiling at its core. And the only reason we know that is because of a whistleblower taking great personal risk to reveal this to the American public and to the world.”

7. 3 Students Visiting Their Dad, Killed By Mexican Authorities
As the demand of the return of the 43 abducted teaching students rages across Mexico, with highway, toll booth, and building blockades and occupations taking place this week, another report of corrupt mexican cops has emerged after the bodies of three siblings, Erica, 26 years; Alejandro, 22 years, and José Ángel Rivera Alvarado, 21, were found earlier this week.

The three American youth were on their way to visit their dad when mexican police grabbed them and may have given them over to a local gang in Control de Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

These new killings come as protests continue to rage across mexico in support of the disappeared Ayotzinapa teachers. In Guerrero state, teachers stormed the governor's residence, ramming the front gate with a truck and setting it alight.

Canada keeps Mexico on its “safe country” list and routinely deports migrants seeking refuge from the violence in mexico created through drug war capitalism and international neoliberal trade deals like NAFTA.

8. Big Week For the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Campaign Against Israel
BDS has been all over the news this week as another successful #BlockTheBoat action stopped a ZIM container ship from docking in Oakland, while in occupied Palestine, the company sodastream has announced it will be closing it’s west-bank plant for “purely commercial” reasons.

Members of the International Longshore Wokers Union, local 10, told block the boat organisers that the ZIM Beijing will be rerouted to Russia and as reports: “For the first time ever, an Israeli ship has been completely turned away before reaching its port of destination due to sustained overwhelming community organizing.”

The article notes that: “Zim has been disrupted and confronted by anti-Zionist protests in Seattle, Tacoma, Los Angeles, Vancouver, New Orleans, New York and Tampa. Ports all over North America are making it clear that Israel can no longer conduct business as usual because Zionism is simply not welcome on our coasts.”

Concluding with a empowering call to action Block the Boat Organisers say “Together with our brothers and sisters from Ferguson to Palestine, we are fighting back against state violence and apartheid and we are prepared to bring it down brick by brick, wall by wall, port by port.”

Meanwhile after a bitter campaign which brought Oxfam to part with spokesperson Scarlett Johansson due to her support of apartheid zionism, drink maker sodastream announced that it will be closing its factory in the occupied West Bank. Sodastream shares were down 3.9% on the day of the announcement, continuing a trend which has seen a 58% value reduction in the past year.

For more info on BDS organising efforts at US campuses, check out the new book from the electronic intifada’s Nora Barrow-Friedman with: In Our Power

9. Direct Action Works! Oil Industry’s Bottom Line Impacted by Resistance
In a new piece for Lauren McCauley explains how the “growing tide of tar sands resistance—seen in blockades, tree sits, petitions, education efforts and calls to divest” is economically impacting the tar sands industry” with recearchers declaring that "business as usual for tar sands is over."

The report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, and Oil Change International notes that roughly 17 billion dollars of the 30.9 billion in lost revenues from the period cover 2010-2013 “can be attributed to the fierce grassroots campaigns that have sprung up throughout North America in the past few years.”

In the article MCCauley quotes report co-author Hannah McKinnon saying that it is not the point of the tar sands resistance campaign “to bankrupt the oil industry, it is to protect our climate, and anything that depends on it (i.e. everything), as well as support the front line communities that face the impacts of this industry every single day."

On reading the article, the Stimulator, of said on twitter; “Once again a report confirms what we already knew. That grassroots #resistance works. … #tarsands #blockadeseverywhere”

10. Spain’s Womyn On Strike
As protests continue in spain against the government's ongoing austerity programs amidst an unemployment crisis with 50% for youth, a massive coalition of more than 600 feminist and community groups organised a day of protest in Barcelona last week writes that the Catalan new site la Directa quotes Dolo Pulido, a member of the Vaga De Totes organizing coalition, that the theme of the strike was "Women move the world, together we will stop it," but that the strike was about more than a work stoppage. "It responds to the feminist analyses that critique that the world is organized in a patriarchal system, and women assume the tasks to move it along."

Thousands took to the streets with another womyns strike planned for the spring of 2015

for more info on these actions check

11. More Soldiers Have Killed Themselves At Home Then Died In Afghanistan
As canada’s Harper government use the state and corporate media to glorify the life and tragic death of the reservist killed in the shootings in Ottawa last week, social justice activist Dylan Powell took to twitter to call attention to a shameful hypocrisy. Powell noted over a series of tweets that the Harper government has, since taking power in 2006, systematically cut support and services to members of the military.

During Harper’s reign, Powell notes, an epidemic of suicides has swept the armed forces, with the defence department recently revealing that 160 personnel have committed suicide in the past decade, whereas only 138 soldiers were killed in combat in the 12 years of the full scale mission in Afghanistan.

As canada mourns one reservist killed by a man struggling with mental health distress, 32 reservists have taken their own lives since we invaded Afghanistan in 2002, along with 118 men and 10 womyn soldiers. Thousands of others struggle with post traumatic stress disorder and the invisible impact of multiple impact concussions.

Thats all for the headlines, now for some
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You are listening to Waves Through Walls edition of The Daily GRRR! Today is October 31st, 2014, my name is Dan Kellar and we are now moving into the feature portion of our broadcast.

Today’s feature is an interview from Aaron Lakoff of CKUT’s off the hour with the author of the the article i read last week as our feature, Ottawa based social justice activist Matthew Behrens. Their discussion goes into civil liberties, security, and stereotypes following last week’s shootings on parliament hill in Ottawa.

That was an interview from Aaron Lakoff of CKUT’s Off The Hour with Ottawa based social justice activist Matthew Behrens.

This has been the The Daily GRRR! for October 31st, 2014. We are on weekdays from 9-10am on 100.3fm CKMS in Waterloo region, and on the web. Check out all our past shows and other Grand River Media Collective work on our webpage

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