KW Halloween Critical Mass

We just got this call out from the KW Critical Mass Committee... :)Howdy living humyns,

How bout a halloween critical mass?

a *WHAT?* a big old chunk of peeps on bikes riding from waterloo to
kitchener on halloween! Resisting car culture and honouring our dead
friends/ celebrating halloween (and/or whatever else you need to
*WHEN? *This friday, the 31 of october at 6pm
*WHERE?* Meet at the Waterloo Park band shell, which is at the west end of
waterloo of westmount. You can also get there from the iron horse
trail which runs through the park. When you get to the petting zoo, cross
the parking lot and ride down the path that goes between the sports field
and creek, crossing the bridge over the creek and turn right..follow the
path until you get to a group of humans with bicycles at the band shell.
*WHO? *Us!! and our bikes. Please feel free to bring friends.
*HOW? *Just bring yourself, your bicycle and bike lights (if you have extra
ones, please bring them too). If you feel up to it, please bring a costume
and animal noises too! Its halloween after all, ya'll! Oh, and water!
stayyy hydrated:)

We will most likely be riding from the park down to king street until we
get to victoria park, in kitchener. If you want to join us at any point,
feel free to.

We should be done at the latest by 7:30pm, so you can get to your
respective halloween activities.

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 14:00 to 15:30

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