Stop the waste park! Stop the sludge!

In February 2012, residents of Southgate township and the town of Dundalk, Ontario drove their vehicles onto the access road leading to a construction site. The so-called "eco-park", located near a school at the edge of town, was to be developed into a sludge-to-fertilizer processing plant. 

This land protection action, 100 km north of Kitchener, at the head waters of the Grad River (O:se Kenhionhata:tie), has stopped construction of the plant which would have processed the human sewage, industrial and medical waste that would be shipped in from Toronto. The out-sludge would then be sprayed on fields as fertilizer for our food stuffs!

With the support of Haudenosaunee land defenders, and a mobilized and highly knowledgeable local community, the blockade's energy and strength continues to grow. With the good feel of Site 41, and the general awakening of social consciousness across the land, it's hard put to leave the site feeling optimistic about the impending court date in July which would see the zoning rules disallow further development.

In mid-May the Grand River Media Collective (@GRiverMC) visited the site and spoke with Haundenosaunee elder, land defender and Grandmother, Ruby Montour, and Dundalk resident James Cook from the Southgate Public Interest Research Group.

For more information on the proposed sludge plant, and to hear plans of ongoing and upcoming actions on this water issue visit:





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