AW@L Radio: 6 Glaring Issues with the Supreme Court's Line 9 Decision

Responding to the Supreme Court of Canada's rejection of the Chippewas of the Thames First Nations challenge of the National Energy Board's decision to allow the #line9 pipeline to have its flow reversed and to have the inline pressure increased—while also approving for the flow of tar sands diluted bitumen and bakken-shale fracked oil—despite a complete failure to meaningfully consult any Indigenous community potentially impacted along the pipeline’s route, David-Gray Donald analysis six of the more absurd issues plaguing this high court decision.

The bulk of this episode of AW@L radio is a reading of “6 Glaring Issues with the Supreme Court's Line 9 Decision” from the, posted by David Gray-Donald (@DgrDon). You can access the whole article here:


AW@L Radio - 2017-07-27 - Canada's Supreme Court redefines Indigenous Consultation in Line 9 Decision

The #Line9 and #SeismicBlasting decisions from the Supreme Court of Canada has come down and they are... baffling. We read a statement from Chippewas Solidarity and play audio of CoTTFN Chief Myeengun Henry responding to the decision.

We also rebroadcast the inspiring interview on Democracy now with Ruby Montoya and Jessica Reznicek, two powerful womyn who sabotaged the Dakota Access Pipeline over several months in 2016,

Climate Change Fires in BC - Indigenous Responses to Colonial Tactics

The show opens with a quick review of the upcoming supreme court decision on the lack of consultation with Chippewas of the Thames First Nation regarding the line 9 pipeline. We then shift to the climate change induced fires in BC and Indigenous defiance to evacuation orders, including Secwepemc demands for pipeline shutdowns, and Tl’etinqox defiance to evacuate despite threats from the RCMP of seizing children, and successful defense against the fire.

AW@L Radio: Challenging the "Unproductive Fictions" of #Canada150

This episode of AW@L Radio (recorded June 30, 2017), opens with a quick rant about Trudeau's massive increases to canada's military budget, and a brief chat about local ripening fruits.
For the remainder of the show, we are joined by Dr. Stephen Svenson for a discussion around #canada150 and the lingering "unproductive fictions" that deal with the establishment of this settler colonial state and which lay the foundation of racist canadian nationalism.
Throughout the discussion we swing back to the question of "what are we celebrating?" when people choose to celebrate canada.


AW@L Radio - Algonquins of Barriere Lake confront Copper One at annual general meeting in Toronto.

Loudly re-affirming their unwavering opposition to mining in their territory, members of the Algonquins of Barriere Lake, confronted Copper One at the mining company's annual shareholders meeting.


AW@L Radio - March 31st - Smash The State Report

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On the March 31st 2017, edition of AW@L Radio, we kick things off with a run down of the situation at Ryerson university, where the school's president shamefully apologized to the mayor of Niagara Falls after students in the journalism program produced a short film entitled As Niagara Falls, which introduced some of the problems in the city around economic development and poverty. We read from the article on from Ismael N Daro ( and play the short video. The group who made the video, Mayday Pictures said the film has succeeded in sparking a much-needed conversation.

Next we go to an article from Ben Leeson from The Sudbury Star, ( who had the unfortunate job of relaying the news that long time activist and academic Barbara Ronson McNichol was killed after being stuck by a train. Barbara Ronson McNichol, 60, had been working to keep logging and spraying from in the Benny forest. Rest in Power Barbara!

We play a piano version of Byron's Breaks My Heart.

We return with an update on #JusticeForAbdiraman, specifically that the Ottawa police have created blue and black bracelets to wear in support of killer cop Daniel Montsion ( We look at this disgusting campaign through the tweets of @DesmondCole who notes it is not worth looking for good cops in this badness, and that the politicians are cowering in bitterness and fear instead of confronting the issue.

Dan has a quick note to remind everyone that Marc Emery is horrible.

We read from an article from the Waterloo Chronicle outlining the racist anti-muslim backlash at the proposal to use a house in Waterloo as a Muslim prayer centre. (

Next up is an note about the potential transit strike in Waterloo Region which was averted at the last minute. The workers were demanding better working conditions and the end of totalitarian management schemes. Waterloo Region always has money to boost the police budget, but alway struggle to find it other places.

And finally, we end the show on a note from activist and journalist Garth Mullins (@garthmullins) who tweeted regarding the ongoing #opiodcrisis in #Vancouver. Garth shared that his friend was one of 162 overdoses in a week in Vancouver, and was thankfully saved by the administration of Naxalone.



AW@L Radio - March 24th - Resist the Rise of the Bigots

From the March 24th edition of AW@L Radio, the show starts with a run down of the events at a Peel regional school board meeting, where anti-muslim bigots ripped up a Koran and yelled at people shaming them. The meeting was then shut down, but as host dan kellar notes, the bigots have names, jobs and addresses... (check this Tamara Khandaker piece from vice, including the videos, for more -

After a clip of Lowkey's Ahmed (, we speak of the protests against M-103 (a motion to study the rise in hate in Canada - specifically anti-muslim hate) and we get into a report back from the counter-demo in Kitchener, where antifa contained and outnumbered the confused members of the CCCC. While under the bogus guise of "free speech", all of the anti M-103 protestors AW@L Radio spoke with, asked if we had read the Koran.

We also note the apparent success of the #IAMWRAgainstRacialDiscrimination campaign (despite the length of the hashtag...), and hype of the antifa resistance worldwide.

"The facists already have unfettered access to the mainstream media, it is the people's job to keep the bigots off the streets and out of public places." - antifa at the counter demo at the KW anti-m-103 protest.


AW@L Radio: Updates on #Justice4Azraya and the Grassy Narrows Youth Media project.

This episode starts with a quick plea from host dan kellar to stop the march to war in Syria, including calling out Justin Trudeau for his quick support of Trump's recent bombardments, calling on NDP leadership hopefuls to clarify thier position on the attacks and on imperial wars in general, and noting that there is no verified proof of who launched the apparent chemical weapons attack in Syria.

To set a base for the rest of the episode, we then read "Racism, Violence, And Thunder Bay Reporting: An investigation of racism on Lakehead University campus and Thunder Bay’s complicity with anti-Indigeneity and systemic violence against Indigenous women" an article by Brady Coyle and Leah Ching if the Argus newspaper in Thunder Bay (

The rest of the episode is then spent with organiser and social justice activist Alex Hundert, who re-joins AW@L Radio to update us on several campaigns he is working on with folks from Grassy Narrows, specifically the #Justice4Azraya campaign and the Grassy Narrows Youth Media project (, twitter: @GNYouthMedia). We also discuss #JusticeForDelaine and bring in discussion of systemic racism present in Kenora, Thunder Bay, and indeed, all across Canada.

The episode ends with *BONUS* content fom Alex, also discussing war (what is it good for?).


Precarity in higher learning: Neoliberalism and contract faculty contract negotiations at WLU

JANUARY 9, 2017 | As contract faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University negotiate a new contract, many in the union have recognized their struggle as a moment in the widescale resistance to neoliberal ideologies.


We call "Woo Woo" on you: free speech, bigotry, conspiracy theories and community standards

Discussion w/ activist & former co-host Alex Hundert on free speech, racism, conspiracy theories, and upholding community standards as "alt-right" white nationalists rise to power in the US and surge worldwide.


David Keith on climate change mitigation and the chemtrail conspiracy

An interview with David Keith, an award winning professor of Applied physics at Harvard University where he is leading an interdisciplinary research team who is researching global-scale geoengineering strategies to mitigate climate change, primarily stratospheric albedo modification. Keith is also a Professor of Public Policy in the Harvard Kennedy School.

We start with discussing Keith's research, which aims to reduce global temperatures through increasing the albedo of the stratosphere -- reflecting more solar radiation back into space. Along with the risks and benefits his team is investigating, Keith also points out that none of this research has left the lab setting.

In the second part of the show, we talk about the so-called "chemtrails" conspiracy theory which includes Keith's research being a part of a super secretive global scale program of some sort or another, and has led in real life to threats, vitriol, and slander being directed at the scientist.

For more on the absurdity of the chemtrails conspiracy see: How to Debunk Chemtrails and Chemtrails Conspiracy Theory.

This interview was first broadcast November 4 on AW@L radio. Tune in weekly on Fridays at 4:00 pm EST on


Programs and Barriers: Welcoming Refugees to Waterloo Region

In August 2016, CKMS News intern Lisa Irimescu created this 30 minute podcast on welcoming refugees to Waterloo Region, and the programs and barriers which impact the process.

The podcast includes interviews with a Syrian refugee, a private refugee sponsor, and two support organisations.

To download a copy of this program, and to listen to other work from CKMS News, visit the Grand River Media Collective and CKMS News


Discussing the "Promoting Affordable Housing Act" with MPP Catherine Fife

"We see housing as underpinning the entire health of a community"- Catherine Fife

In mid-August, the CKMS newsroom caught up with Kitchener-Waterloo NDP MPP Catherine Fife to discuss new legislation passed in the Ontario legislature -- the Promoting Affordable Housing Act. The discussion deals with implementing the act in Waterloo Region with funding and zoning options available to municipal governments including promotion of inclusionary zoning, and ending appeals to the OMB, as well as some of weaknesses in the legislations around gentrification and renters rights.

This Interview was originally aired on August 19th on CKMS Community News, a program of the CKMS newsroom at 100.3fm, in Waterloo Region. It was undertaken by Rachel Avery.


CKMS Community News - July 29th

You're listening to CKMS 100.3 Sound FM in Waterloo Region. Robyn is with you this afternoon, and here's the weekly news round-up for Friday, July 29.

1. Pressure for inquest for Beau Baker; SIU under pressure
2. Redesign and Improvements for Waterloo Park
3. Zimbabwean community demonstrates
4. Condo Concerns and City Council’s request for defining bedrooms
5. Waterloo Region District School board agrees to limit students online access
6. Woolwich councillor summoned to court on alleged Elections Act violations
7. Kool-FM lays off staff in advance of format change
8. Events taking place in the K-W area this weekend include Grassroots Powwow Fundraiser
9. Food & Festivities This Weekend


CKMS Community News - July 22

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You're listening to CKMS 100.3 Sound FM in Waterloo Region. Lisa and Robyn are with you this afternoon,  and here's the weekly news round-up for Friday, July 22.

The Scoop on Chicken Coops


CKMS Community News - July 15th

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You're listening to CKMS 100.3 Sound FM in Waterloo Region. Lisa and Robyn are with you this afternoon, and here's the weekly news round-up for Friday, July 15.

1. Laurier custodial staff union demonstrate
2. Cycling Deaths Prompts the Call on Bicycle Training and Safety within the Waterloo Region
3. UW Graduate Rejected because of His Authority Resistant Culture
4. Summer Consutruction Continues
5. Waterloo Home to the World’s First Microscopic Microscope
6. Ride Co to Step in and Provide KW to Toronto Commuters with Another Option
7. Time to Get Jazzy
8. Bettering the Region through Education Reform
9. KWAG celebrates its 60th on July 16
10. A Waterloo Company Transforms Underwater Archeology


Weekly News Roundup--July 8

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Trading the Public Sector for the Private


On Federal Socialist Republicanism in Ireland

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A discussion with Cait Trainor on alternative models of governance in Ireland that are inclusive to all. Federal Socialist Republicanism according to Cait Trainor is an inclusive alternative to both occupation and sectarianism.


Waterloo Regional Police: To Serve and Protect Abusers

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In this segment of KW Radio Basics, our host discusses the strange case where WRPS continuously ignores the complaints of a woman who is being stalked by her physically abusive ex, yet has no problems waking said woman up at 1:15 am to harrass said woman on behalf of her abuser. The interesting thing about said abuser is that his sister works for CAS and is an auxillary officer with the WRPS. Coincidence? Our host thinks not!!!!!


Interview with IRPWA member Brian Murphy on recent assault by Canadian Ambassador

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This week on KW Radio Basics we talk to Brian Murphy of the IRPWA about the recent assault on his person by the Canadian Ambassador as well as a bit about his family background, the state of affairs today in Ireland and the Craigavon Two



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