Interview with Incumbent Sean Strickland, seeking re-election to Waterloo Regional Council

Interview from our regional reporter Brayden McNeill with Sean Strickland, incumbent candidate for the Waterloo Regional council.

Sean speaks to his campaign priorities including keeping taxes low while investing in the communities, accessible transit, good jobs, and affordable housing.

Brayden also asks Sean about the Line 9 tar sands pipeline reversal, regional climate change initiatives, curbing urban sprawl, and other environmental issues.

Sean also explains the need to move to having full time councillors to create better engagement in the region.

Municipal elections take place on October 27th across Ontario.

Interview w/ Waterloo Regional Council Candidate Elizabeth Clark

Today’s feature is an interview from regional reporter Brayden McNeill with local YWCA CEO, Elizabeth Clark, a candidate for regional council here in Waterloo.

They speak to Elizabeth’s campaign priorities which revolve around affordable housing, transit and sustainability.

The interview also goes into regional climate change initiatives, a municipal fracking ban, and the Out of the Cold program closures.

Disappointing Discussion At Environmental Election Forum

by: Brayden McNeill October 15th 2014

It’s surprising how little can be said during 90 minutes of environmentally related election campaigning. On October 14th a coalition of seven local environmental organizations hosted the Environmental Election Forum, ostensibly to environmental issues affecting the Region. Almost 40 candidates from across the Region were in attendance, including candidates for Regional Chair, Regional Council, Mayors and City Councilors. Each candidate was given a strict two minute time limit to outline their position on the environment.

The series of short briefings were filled with self-praise and tired platitudes on environmental awareness. Most candidates praised existing environmental initiatives, calling for better transit, trails and parks. Many boasted of their green life styles. Unfortunately few of the candidates have any new initiatives to seriously curb energy consumption and fossil fuel use in the Region...

Oz Cole-Arnal: Progressive Candidate for Chair of Waterloo Region

An interview from our regional reporter Brayden McNeill, with Oscar Cole-Arnal, an anti-poverty activist and progressive candidate for the position of Regional Chair in the upcoming municipal elections.

Oz’s campaign has four main platform pieces; increasing the availability of affordable housing in the Region, making public transit more accessible and affordable for the neediest, promoting a living-wage in the Waterloo Region, and encouraging community democracy.

For more on Oscar’s campaign check out http://www.allianceagainstpoverty.com/

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